MITCH HEINRICH, sound poet, lyricist and vocal performer, studied at the School of Poetry with Henri Chopin and Allen Ginsberg, amongst others.

Mitch Heinrich

Photo by S.Kayaalp

Between 1996 and 2000 he went on reading and concert tours to Medellin (Colombia) and (with violinist Christoph Irmer) to Beijing. He participated and still participates in large-scale poetic projects (“Friedenskarawane”, “Bodensinnphonie”, “human noise congress” etc.) and has been or is a member of various artist groups such as SKOLA, Marinemuseum Luzern, Das Tier, Vokalensemble millefleurs, WIO, LOCH.
In the last few years he has worked with Christoph Irmer, Florian Stadler, Sue Schlotte, Willem Schulz, Christoph Schiller, Marei Seuthe and Maik Ollhoff.