Mariana Sadovska

Mariana Sadovska by MEYER ORIGINALS

Mariana Sadovska is an internationally renowned singer, multi-instrumentalist, artist and composer. Born in Lviv, Ukraine, where she was trained as a classical pianist, the Cologne-based artist has continued her artistic journey in various directions. By organizing ethno-musical expeditions in rural Ukraine and Poland, she has collected a large body of traditional songs, stories and rituals that she transforms into modern sounds for today`s generations.

Mariana Sadovska systematically explores and experiments with new sounds. In addition to her outstanding solo performances, international collaborations have led to a variety of successful and fascinating artistic projects, such as her recently composed piece “Chernobyl. A Harvest” commissioned by and performed together with the Kronos Quartet or her “Borderland” project with German jazz musicians. She was awarded the German World Music RUTH in 2013.

Sandhya Sanjana

Sandhya Sanjana was born in Bombay, India where she studied Hindustani vocal music from several gurus. She discovered jazz and blues and her compositions combine these various elements. She sings in several Indian languages. Currently she lives in Amsterdam where she has three bands featuring varied genres of music. Her greatest joy is in combining diverse streams into a cohesive musical language. 

Photo Sandhya Sanjana by SONY DSC