Project with guests:


June 12th 2024 – Wuppertal, LOCH

June 13th 2024 – Herford, Marienkirche Stiftberg

June 16th 2024 – Köln, Stadtgarten 18h

The SONIQ collective is once again breaking new creative ground with its project “Literature & Spoken Word”. In collaboration with the Luxembourg actress, singer and performer Sascha Ley and the Wuppertal sound poet, lyricist and vocal performer Mitch Heinrich, SONIQ will develop a program that presents literary texts beyond the format of a reading from a new perspective. The focus will be on the examination of political and social content and its linguistic and musical interpretation.

Salman Rushdie, who has fought fearlessly and unbendingly for freedom of expression for decades, provides the central theme and source of inspiration for the SONIQ project with his latest book “Victory City”. In this book, Indian mythology and history are interwoven in a fantasy world. At the same time, very real references are made to the burning issues of our time: Power and abuse of power, the rise and fall of a global nation, women in a patriarchal world.

Inspired by “Victory City”, Sascha Ley and Mitch Heinrich will develop texts and language fragments that will be spoken, sung, rapped, whispered, shouted and processed in a playful way. Both voice performers enter into a dialog with Christina Fuchs, Ramesh Shotham and Jarry Singla. Their harmonizations, rhythms and improvisational contributions shape the text performance into a linguistic-musical synthesis of the arts.

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