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Slider1 - Soniq

Slider1 - Soniq

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Slider1 - Soniq

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Slider1 - Soniq

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Whether it’s Norwegian improvisers, Italian dance peformers, Moroccan Gnawa singers, New Yorker avantgardists, Iranian string virtuosos or Ukrainian multi-instrumentalists, the Soniq Collective – Christina Fuchs, Ramesh Shotham and Jarry Singla – invites artists from across the world to take part in fascinating projects.

“Deliberate and soulful, vigorous and full of ideas.”

SONIQ Nucleus / Loch Wuppertal / Westdeutsche Zeitung 02.11.2022

“The music displayed great inventiveness, showing the full spectrum of a great sonic cosmos.“

Westdeutsche Zeitung 02.11.2022

Upcoming Events

31.05.2023 – Nucleus
Köln, Stadtgarten