Oriental Strings 2018/19

30.11.2018   Köln, Stadtgarten

25.03.2019   Düsseldorf, Cafe Eden

11.04.2019   Mülheim a.d.Ruhr, Ringlokschuppen

14.06.2019   Düsseldorf, KIT Cafe

Type “Oriental Strings” into Google and you’ll be deluged with links to the popular app “Oriental Strings for iPad, iPhone and similar devices!”. It is a virtual sound module app for “oriental” keyboard players and other musicians who simply want to integrate the sound of the East into their music.

But SONIQ’s third (and upcoming in November 2018) Oriental Strings project is not an app and it is anything but virtual. It’s real. It’s acoustic. And it is handmade music! Two fine virtuosos, one from Iran, Kioomars Musayyebi, and the other from India, Hindol Deb, playing such string instruments as santoor and sitar, will collaborate with SONIQ: Christina Fuchs (saxophone and clarinets), Jarry Singla (piano and harmonium) and Ramesh Shotham (percussion).

One of the challenges these artists will face will be finding ways to bridge the musical worlds spanning the tempered tuning of the piano, which is designed for Western harmonic music, the quarter tones of the santoor and the microtones of the sitar, both of which are designed for playing modal music. Saxophones and clarinets are capable of traversing both genres of music. In either, percussion lays down a rhythmic foundation.

With this edition, SONIQ continues on its visionary path, bringing together elements from disparate cultures to create a contemporary, authentic music. The artists participating in the SONIQ series will be on a musical treasure hunt, opening sound spaces, taking risks, and widening their horizons.

Andreas Schlottmann