06.06.2020 SONIQ Africa, Stadtgarten, Köln

07.06.2020 SONIQ Africa, Zeche Carl, Essen

Cuisine Acoustique: the German-Indian musicians’ collective SONIQ invites you to cook together – this time with the spectacular African balafon player Aly Keita and Prince Moussa Cissokho, one of the greatest Kora players and singer from Senegal.
Intuitively and in mutual admiration of all differences, the SONIQ Trio and its African guests build sound bridges between the musical cultures – acoustic delicacies are on the menu. Ingredients from the individual cultures are processed, traditional aromas shine through. The aim is to create something that has not been tasted before, independent, fresh, authentic per se, beyond all stereotypes.

SONIQ “Africa”: haute cuisine that spreads the spirit of cosmopolitan coexistence, unimpressed by all current trends of increasing nationalism and the exclusion of people.

Prince Moussa Cissokho – kora, vocals
Aly Keita– balafon, vocals
Christina Fuchs – saxophone, clarinets
Jarry Singla – piano, indian harmonium
Ramesh Shotham –  southindian and western percussion