Sanjeev Chimmalgi

International guest november 2016

Sanjeev Chimmalgi is one of the most prominent and promising Hindustani classical singers of the new generation. He has been singing professionally since his early twenties and has performed all over India as well as in the US, the UK, Spain, Switzerland and Germany.
Sanjeev’s concerts are noted for their fluidity and grace – his forte being a highly sophisticated treatment oft he Raga and the delicacy of his approach to both svar (tone) and bol (improvisation using lyrics for composition). His presentation speaks volumes of the cherished values of the Indian classical music tradition like simplicity, lucidity and refinement.
Sanjeev Chimmalgi’s singing style showcases an uncanny ability where he is able to weave the various important aspects of the Kirana, Gwalior and Agra gharanas (different stylistic schools of music). He has also been trained in South Indian Classical (Carnatic) Vocal music and the Rhythmic system which has added a different dimension to his music.
He has many Classical music albums to his credit most noted of them being ‘Quest’ and ‘Remembering Gunijaan’ under the UK label ‘Navras Records’. Sanjeev has also been an avid explorer of popular forms such as bhajan, sugam sangeet, film-song and contemporary fusion and has been featured in two Grammy-nominated albums ‘Rise’ and ‘Traveller’ by Anoushka Shankar.